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Altdata.tv gives you access to the views of thought leaders in the alternative data space.

Altdata.tv extends the opportunity to data partners to be thought leaders. Data partners can now shoot an interview at their own location and share on Altdata.tv. To discuss the content to be recorded, get in touch: connect@altdata.tv.

Eagle Alpha

Altdata.tv is brought to you by Eagle Alpha. Eagle Alpha was established in 2012 to provide the buyside with alternative data solutions. In addition to Altdata.tv Eagle Alpha has developed four solutions for the buyside:

1) Data Sourcing: this solution keeps clients on top of all the alternative datasets worldwide.

2) Data Analytics: this solution enables discretionary clients to interpret alternative datasets through dashboards.

3) Bespoke Projects: these projects facilitate organisational change, adoption and also answer specific research questions.

4) Data Forum: this is the leading industry group focused on setting standards and driving best practice.

Download our FREE 120 page report on alternative data use cases here.

Buyside firms – obtain a complimentary ticket to our upcoming “Access & Alpha” event in New York (November 29th). Email: events@eaglealpha.com

Get in touch: enquiries@eaglealpha.com.